Podcast Episode 9 – Not 10 like I said…eeeediot.

Listen to Podcast 9

Thank you to my three listeners!  Robin F., Debby S. and Allison from Within a Quarter Inch podcast!

Vancouver Sew, Quilt, and Craft Expo
Sew batik – they have flannel and extra wide batiks!
Hands On Hand Dyes

Leach Botanical Garden – where I was married
Design on my Sketchers – could use for quilting, ja?

Sketchers - wut, wut

Apron panel example


McCalls quilting 2008- Ruby Reel pattern is really awesome

The Quilter Nov 2008 – Poppy Love, Sunflower Patch

Quiltmaker – Pond Pals


Quilts and Gifts to Give – fabric blocks for babies

Fabric Trends -overall good one – with an article on Kaye England


Here is the quilting I did on the Kaye England Pattern…notice the muslin border – my favorite


Weight Watchers

Making Mittens – one done!


Barn Bonnet – the front is facing down, with the chord underneath sticking out to the left, to be hooked onto the daisy button.


How do you make a baby stay put?  Baby shackles!

Baby Shackles

EMAIL: jennifer (at) patchworkandpacifiers (dot) com



  1. Cindy said,

    January 6, 2009 at 6:51 pm

    Your knitting really looks nice 🙂 Keep up the great pod-casting:)

  2. Vonda Piersol said,

    March 27, 2010 at 7:36 am

    Please come to the Clark County Quilters Quilt show next week April 1,2,3 in Vancouver Wa. 2010 I would love you to search for me. I am Vonda Piersol. You are new to me and I am a fan! So well spoken and could listen to you a while. Like to get to know you. I will be at the show most of the time. Quilt Show Assistant.

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