Podcast 23 – Interview with Alma de la Melena Cox

Listen to Podcast 23

This is Alma.  Yes, that is a diva couch.


I will podcast more about Alma in #24, but for right now you can listen to the interview.  Hopefully sometime in your life you can meet Alma, because she’s probably one of the nicest people/person you will ever come across.

Alma’s website

She started quilting after watching  Alex Anderson on Simply Quilts

Sold her first quilt through the High Desert Gallery during the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

Bend Fall Festival pushed her into a new direction

Be the Light is her largest piece of art 4’x4′

Alma loves San Francisco, but also San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Craft and Hobby Association  (CHA)

Alma has been in Cloth Paper Scissors

Currently has an online class through Joggles.com

Going to be teaching in Portland at the Art and Soul Retreat, but also has workshops in her home

Some successful artists in Sisters: Alma de la Melena Cox, Jean Wells, Valori Wells, Paul Bennet, Kathy Deggendorfer

She has a book coming out in November through North Light Books

Would you like to use Alma’s art?  With her  line of stamps you can make your own art from her art!

This is Alma with no inhibitions.  We had fun; can you tell?



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