Podcast 28 – Back in the saddle

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Note: Sorry for the static, I did not do everything correctly microphone-wise…sorry!  Will do better next time!

Portland Art Museum is fun – I saw an M.C. Escher exhibit, and Joseph Park (couldn’t find a website for him, but if you do a search you will find his amazing oil paintings!)

My watercolor paintings with Mama


This weekend going to the Watercolor Society of Oregon’s show at the McMinnville’s Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum

First family vacation – Crater Lake!  Stayed at the Union Creek Resort (we stayed in cabin 21) instead of Crater Lake Lodge.



Even though Crater Lake is pretty, Klamath Falls was fun(ny).

Like audio books?  You might like The Fifth Vial by Michael Palmer…especially if you have to be in the car for 12+ hours.

Next year we are going to Victoria, Canada – so if you have any recommendations, please let me know!

How I separate the days:

Monday – scrapbooking, video stuff (www.youtube.com/oregonruvalcabas)

Tuesday – quilting and podcasting (pics of quilt coming as soon as I can)

Wednesday – pull weeds, or don’t if it’s raining 🙂

Thursday spinning – right now I’m spinning angora rabbit/wool blend.  LOVERLY!!!

Friday – knitting -lots of calorimetry and a MiL scarf

The pattern for Calorimetry (a Ravelry link)


Saturday free, and Sunday painting (see pics above)


Have been doing walking/running in training to do a 5k, and have been following the advice of the Mayo Clinic

Cute (and crying) Niema – my sister-in-law’s new baby


NW Quilting Expo

This is the Raffle Quilt I’m going to win:


Funny bras for Breast Cancer Awareness sponsored by Greenbaum Quilted Forest





Pinwheel, by Lois Kunkle, quilted by Carol Kostell


Rail Fence Gone to Seed by Nita Wells


Fantasy Flowers by Cathy Erickson


Fantasy Seahorse by Pat Mazzarella


Tetons at Jenny Lake by Beverly Woodard – she used dryer lint for some of the snow – BRILLIANT!


Faysie May’s Last Dance in the Rain, by Marcie Unger


The Journey of Blue and Gray by Pat Busby – inspired by “March” by Geraldine


Gypsie Rosalie  by Ronda K. Beyer


Calendula by Mary C. Schroeder – pattern is from Marsha McCloskey’s Feathered Star Quilt Blocks 1


I didn’t get the name or artist – I’m so sorry!


Through Ancient Portals by Mary Arnold


Flowers of the Galaxy by Gloria J. McKeehan and quilted by Lynette Harlan.  Pattern by Susan Powell


Summer Blossoms by Terri Doyle


Colors of Autumn by Lory Bishop


and last but not least, Chocolate for Breakfast by Cindy Lyles


Hoffman Challenge Dolls



Podcast 27 – An interview with Gwen Marston and Freddy Moran

Listen to Podcast 27

Here is the wonderful Gwen (left) and Freddy (right)…I had forgotten to take a picture of them, and ran them down in the Sisters’ Cafeteria – here they are in front of the Stitchin’ Post’s Quilter’s Affair store.


You can purchase quilts at Gwen’s website.

Podcast 26 – The Sisters Miscarriage

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Here is the quilt top I made in Lawry Thorn’s Monday class of Quilter’s Affair

Mystery Quilt

Podcast #25 – From a hotel room in Sisters, Oregon

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Not much to show for this one. Here’s a picture of my garden:


Yum, snap peas!


Podcast 24

Listen to Podcast 24 – only a couple of months after it was recorded! ( I know.  Boooooo.)

Quilts of Valor

Alma’s first quilt: Childhood Picture


Never Enough Cherries quilt pattern by Hopscotch Quilting Co.


Alma’s card for me!


My “Blue” Day


Le Mushroom Casserole

1/2 pkg. of bacon

2-3 onions

8 cups of mushrooms (button, shitake, portebello, porcini – knock yourself out)

1/2 – 1 cup of sour cream

salt and pepper to taste

Tablespoon of flour or cornstarch (to thicken)

dash of milk or water

Directions: On medium heat cook bacon and onion until onion is transparent in a HUGE Pan.  No, not that one.  Bigger.  Throw the mushrooms in, and it’s okay if they make a mountain over the pan.  Simmer until they cook down to half their size.  Add sour cream and salt and pepper to taste.  Mix the flour or cornstarch in a little bit of water or milk and mix into the simmering pot of goodness.  After it thickens it is done, and save half for yourself, and then give the rest to your family to share.


Vogue Knitting


Fabulous sexy stockings (a ravelry link) http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/31-lace-stockings

McCalls Quilting June 2009


I like “Wheatland” on pg. 12, Nonpariel on pg. 78 and

The Coneflower Thread Holder from PaulsMetalPetals.com


Fabric Trends Spring 2009


I like Rhapsody in Color on pg. 44

Pojagi article on p.70

Bob’s Red Mill Potato Bread


Quilting Arts


P. 14 Printing Blocks

p. 60 Strings of Love

Quilt it For Kids


P. 18 – Dog and Cat Totes

p. 38 Hopscotch/Floor Quilt

p. 42 – Sweethearts quilt

Check out the back cover, too!

Quilt- June/July #101


p. 52 – Oh my Scrappy Stars

p. 91Cute 4th of July apron – All American Apron and Pot Holder

Quick Quilts


p. 27 – peek-a-boo playmat

Quiltmaker #127

Layout 1

p. 12 – example of 5 little monkey’s quilt

p. 34 – rick rack regatta

Michael Miller has awesome-crazy ric rac (Ruffle Rac!)

p. 54 Don’t fence me in – split rail – kind of

American Quilter -May 2009


p. 42 Broderie Perse article

p. 26 Sue Spargo article – what an amazing woman!

p. 32 – Clamp it up

p. 48 – Portable pastime

Quilt books from Rami Kim:

Folded Fabric Elegance and Quilted Elegance


Went to the Tulip Festival!


Pretty planter boxes – As of April 28th


Intermediate Posting of Lameness

Why haven’t I published a podcast in weeks?  Why am I such a bad podcaster?  I have recorded #24…it’s been recorded for weeks now, but I haven’t completed editing and putting up a post for it.  Why not?  I will list the reasons thusly:

1. My garden – vegetable and flower – is going insano.  It needs weeding, watering, and attention.

2. My Flora – also insano – but in a crawlsofastintothedogfoodandwater kind of way that has me so tired at the end of the day.

3. My growing – I’m pregnant again!  Due in January! As I’m in the first trimester, I’m sleeping all the time and nauseous when I’m not sleeping.

So in conclusion, I am letting down fans, family and myself, but I have to ignore it all, and grow a second little bean.  Believe it or not, I am editing a minute or two of #24 every day, and I even have material for #25 (pictures and everything) and interviews lined up…..But.  This baby insists on sucking the life out of me.  I couldn’t be happier. 🙂

Podcast 23 – Interview with Alma de la Melena Cox

Listen to Podcast 23

This is Alma.  Yes, that is a diva couch.


I will podcast more about Alma in #24, but for right now you can listen to the interview.  Hopefully sometime in your life you can meet Alma, because she’s probably one of the nicest people/person you will ever come across.

Alma’s website

She started quilting after watching  Alex Anderson on Simply Quilts

Sold her first quilt through the High Desert Gallery during the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

Bend Fall Festival pushed her into a new direction

Be the Light is her largest piece of art 4’x4′

Alma loves San Francisco, but also San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Craft and Hobby Association  (CHA)

Alma has been in Cloth Paper Scissors

Currently has an online class through Joggles.com

Going to be teaching in Portland at the Art and Soul Retreat, but also has workshops in her home

Some successful artists in Sisters: Alma de la Melena Cox, Jean Wells, Valori Wells, Paul Bennet, Kathy Deggendorfer

She has a book coming out in November through North Light Books

Would you like to use Alma’s art?  With her  line of stamps you can make your own art from her art!

This is Alma with no inhibitions.  We had fun; can you tell?


Podcast 22 – Clark County Quilt Show

Listen to Podcast 22

Want awesome Chevre?  Three Ring Farm has it!

Went to Oregon Garden in Silverton Oregon.  Also, there is a resort that they put in right next to it if you’re hankering a visit.


Served Beef Wellington to the Folks

Check out these beauties (no, not a picture of my chest):

Black and Bloom by Chris Gartin


Fur/Pelt Quilt – didn’t take a close-up of the creator.  Drat!


Caliente Stripes by Sandra Q. Miller, quilted by Sally LeRoy


Sunflowers by Marie Murphy Wolfe


Quilt name didn’t take a picture -rrrrrrr, by Sally LeRoy


First the Colors by Virginia O’Donnell


Hydrangea Branch by Mary Arnold


16 Tulips by Shirley Workman, quilted by Gerry Thompson


Abstract Log Cabin by Karan Brooks


Lily Basket by Marcia Stuemer, quilted by Mari Dingman


Don’t know quilt name, and only got first name of Artist – Marcy -Geez, Jennifer!  Quilted by Just for Fun! Quilting


Wildflowers by Kathi Miller, quilted by Heather Nadeau of the Quilting Stable


Didn’t get the quilter’s name, but machine quilted by Sharlene Schollmeyer


Grandmother’s Garden by Norma Benedict, quilted by Cora Maddix


Yo-Yo’s and Baskets – Yo-Yos made by Marie Ledermann, quilt appliqued and hand quilted by Kim Woodruff


“Aikane” Honu Lu’Au, Hono by Cheryl Spalding, quilted by Karen Salzburg


With a Little Help from my Friends by Marie Murphy Wolfe, quilted by Bal Pellens


My Origami Garden by Dianne Kane


Podcast 21 – Shows around the Northwest

Listen to Podcast 21

I missed the NW quilters show because of sickness, but did get to go to Airing of the Quilts

Dahlia by Pat Parra

Season of Discovery by Anne Kuntze


Pinwheels Over State Fair by Jo Barry


Name not printed in program – I would name it Heron by Barbara Neill


Untamed Power by Sally Hass – this quilt was plugged in!


The Sky is Falling by Linda Reinert


4 Point Star, author unknown, collected by Jean Dalton (thru Pat Kennedy)


Went to the Museum of Contemporary Craft where I saw three exhibits
1.Mandy Greer: Dare alla Luce – crochet amazing-ness
2.Darrel Morris: The large Works – Hand embroidered wonders
3.Toshiko Takaezu: Recent Gifts
PLUS the glass spinning wheel – just a cool $24,000.

This upcoming weekend is Clark County Quilters – Show in Vancouver, WA

Woodburn Tulip Festival – walk, take pictures, enjoy the acres of tulips!
www.freecycle.org – kind of like craigslist, but free

Back Home Magazine had an article on Sweet Choices – talks about different sugars – besides granulated white sugar – tells you how to use in cooking, and other useful facts –   They cover Honey, Agave Nectar, Brown Rice Syrup, Maple syrup, date sugar, stevia, and unrefined cane sugar.


New fabric by Quilting Treasures – Rowdy Kids

Belated birthday gift – fabric from my sister! 12 fat quarter bundle of Moda – urban couture!

Started two quilts
OSU quilt fabric


Trailblazers – blocks


Valentine’s quilt

Recipe for the amazing Beef Wellington

Lori Ries‘s children’s books are great! The newest are Punk Wig and Good Dog Aggie (yay for Tucker)

You deserve an explanation

Why haven’t I podcasted lately? There’s 3 lame reasons:

1. I tried some creative writing and sent it out, only to get rejected – first time in a while, and I was pretty put out. Well, that’s putting it mildly – I was devastated.

2. Flora got dreadfully sick – 103.5 degree fever, throwing up, and now a cough. Taking care of a wee one who’s dreadfully sick is hard and time consuming.

3. My husband and I got sick too, and between a sore throat and cough, I can’t speak for more than a few sentences.

Stupid cold. Stupid trying to get a supplement income.

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